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2100$ to see more of Zack !

November 16, 20120 Comments

ZackMovember is already half way done but we have lots more Movemboys to share with you! So without any further ado, here is another guy ready to convince you to donate to help in the fight against prostate cancer. Zack is an acrobat and he will seduce you with his sweet moustache. The price to see him shirtless: $2100!

We want to remind you that all donation made to our team are through the official site for Movember Canada. Everything goes directly to them. If you would like to know where the money goes, Movember Canada has shared a detailed report of where the money went for 2011, Of the funds raised 89.6% has been committed to programs supporting prostate cancer initiatives. 77.7% was donated to Prostate Cancer Canada. 11.9% has been committed to programs run by the Movember Foundation.

Thank you to all those who have already donated, we still have a long way to go though and are counting on your support to get us to our goal!

To donate, visit our team page at Movember:

Thank you!

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Movemboys is an independant photography project to collect donations for Movember in order to fight prostate cancer and support male mental health initiatives. Throughout the month of November, enjoy pictures of Montreal's men proudly wearing their moustache.


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