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Movemboys 2013

November 3, 20130 Comments

We would like to give thanks to everyone who helped us last year on our quest to support Movember campaign to change the face of men’s health. Thanks to you we raised 10500$ for Movember 2012.

This year Movemboys team wont be participating in the campaign due our busy schedules, but we highly encourage you to donate to Movember 2013 and show your support.

Thank you and Mo on!

Mission accomplished for David

December 1, 20120 Comments

DavidDavid, our last 2012 Movemboy completed his mission yesterday before midnight.

Thanks to you, we completed our mission too, and we are proud to have raised more than 10000$ for Movember.

Here is a shirtless picture of David, there are many more pictures of him here.

Mission accomplished for Vasilios and Simon

December 1, 20120 Comments

Last day of Movember was crazy ! Our last movemboys didn’t have to wait too long before taking their shirt off. Here are the shirtless pictures of Simon and Vasilions. More pics available here.

Mission accomplished for Vasilios and Simon

10000$ to see more of David

November 30, 20120 Comments


We conclude the 2012 moustache season with David. He is a young trapeze-artist with an amazing body, a beautiful tattoo decorates his torso and his blue eyes are like if they were cut from the sky. He won’t hide anything when the donations to our Movember team reach the 10000$!

We appreciate your effort and support to the fight against prostate cancer, and to help us meet our 10000$ goal. To make a donation, please visit our team’s page in Movember.

9800$ to see more of Simon

November 30, 20120 Comments

SimonSimon‘s blue eyes and great tattoo are in a mission, to take Movemboys to the 9800$ donations. It is only one short month for the Movemboys to convince you to donate and help on the fight against prostate cancer. Our goal is 10000$, help us to reach it.

To make a donation, just click to the link to our team page on Movember.

Bruno, mission accomplished!

November 30, 20120 Comments

BrunoYesterday Party “United We Grow” Le 5@7 “United we Grow” a permis de récolter 2180$, ce qui nous rapproche de plus en plus de notre but. Il nous manque moins de 700$ seulement! Merci donc de nous aider encore pendant les quelques heures qui nous séparent de la fin de Movember, en donnant quelques dollars à Movember.

United We Grow” happy hour brought the grand total of 2180$, helping us to get closer and closer to our goal. We are only 600$ away! Thanks for your support in these last hours of Movember, and for your donations to our team.

Thanks to the evening donations, now you can see Bruno‘s shirtless pictures. Our Movemboys’s mission is not over yet, more boys are getting ready for the end!

9600$ to see more of Vasilios

November 30, 20120 Comments

VasiliosVasilios looks like a greek god! He is very muscular, and has a dark moustache. We will release his shirtless pictures when the donation mark hits 9600$. Make a donation to Movember now, and we will give you a password to see all the Movemboys pictures.

Alexandre, mission accomplished!

November 30, 20120 Comments

AlexandreWe just reached 8000$ in donations to Movember. That’s awesome! You really deserve a shirtless picture of Alexandre! Many more pics of this handsome greeen-eyed-blonde-moustached guy are available in our galleries.

It’s not too late to support our Movemboys. You can make a donation to Movember on our team page.

Louis, mission accomplished!

November 30, 20120 Comments

LouisThanks to your generosity we had reached 7000$ in donations, and as a price for your support now you can see Louis naked torso. We have less than two days to reach our 10000$ goal to help the fight against prostate cancer and support men’s mental health. With the help and effort of everyone of you we can make it there!

To make a donation just visit our team’s page, and for your support you’ll get a password to see the rest of Louis sexy pictures as well as all the other Movemboys.

8500$ to see more of Bruno

November 29, 20120 Comments

BrunoTomorrow, Movember comes to an end, and we chose Bruno to persuade you to make a donation to Movember, before it’s too late.

If you like his trucker moustache, go to our team’s page and show your support!

Bruno will take his shirt off when donations reach the 8500$ mark. Thanks for your generosity!

Movemboys is an independant photography project to collect donations for Movember in order to fight prostate cancer and support male mental health initiatives. Throughout the month of November, enjoy pictures of Montreal's men proudly wearing their moustache.


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